Why pay for overpriced movie snacks when Raisinets can help you sneak their candy in for free?

Note: This campaign is intended to be created in partnership with AMC movies theatres



First, Raisinets will no longer be available in concession stands in all AMC theatres.


Then a fake Cease & Desist letter will be sent from Nestle Headquarters.

Done in a professional manner via Twitter, of course.

Not wanting to deprive the public of their favourite movie snack, Raisinets will set up booths right outside theatres and give away disguised “Raisinex” boxes.


As more and more people try to sneak in outside candy, AMC will place banned posters in their theatres and pop up warnings on their website.


Greg from AMC middle management will start to get really annoyed and release a pre-movie announcement.

Well, Greg, you can suck it.

amc website.png

In retaliation, Raisinets will hack the AMC website and social media and dip all of their beloved movie characters in chocolate.


Finally, AMC will give in and agree to resell Raisinets at a reasonable price in their concession stands.

Victory is ours.

Copywriting: Anne-Sophie Collier // Art Direction: Maria Ossa