Brooks: SOle Obsession

 Brooks’ passion for shoes has turned into an infatuation with feet.


When users reply, Brooks will respond with creepy compliments and payment in the form of discount codes for the shoe that fits their foot best.


Brooks will spam competitors’ sites with their erotica.


Brooks will be featured in Playboy Magazine. One side of the page will look like a

regular sexy photograph, but flipping it over will reveal an ad from Brooks.


Using Pornhub we can sneak in our ads to confuse viewers between erotica and branded content.


StockX is becoming the eBay of luxury sneakers.

Brooks will use this platform to auction off a pair of shoes worn by a celebrity who is outspoken about their foot fetish.


SCADDY Best in Show Award 2019

SCADDY Film Gold Award 2019

SCADDY Mobile Silver Award 2019

Copywriting: Anne-Sophie Collier, Kelsey Whipple // Art Direction: Sydney Aloe, Emma Walls // Video Editing: Hope Thomas // Photography: Elysabeth Martin